Happy Children

Empowering Health Education

Customized kits that help children understand a health diagnosis


The Balma Mission

Engage. Educate. Empower

Helping your child understand a chronic illness diagnosis can be overwhelming. We understand. We are here to help.

At Balma Health, our key mission is to provide comprehensive kits that help you communicate important information about an illness to your children. The kits are designed to facilitate a conversation that supports your family. Each kit is designed with advice from expert child psychologists and child education specialists.

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Why Balma and Health Education?

Facilitates Conversation

Increases self-confidence and self-efficacy

Promotes health literacy 

Decreases fear and anxiety


Our Products

We believe that knowledge is the key to a healthier and happier future.         Our DIY (do-it-yourself) health education kits empower children with an understanding of their health. 

We donate a percent of each kit's sale to pediatric chronic illness research.